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Selecting new boots has less to do with size, color and price, and more to do with the proper overall fit and good flex at a price you can afford.  A good fitting boot is one you can have for several years of happy skiing/snowboarding.

Here are some important bits of information about new boots:
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When we fit for new boots, we:

  • Check for size
  • Flexibility of the foot and leg
  • Width of the foot and leg
  • Height of the instep
  • Width of the heel
  • Length of the leg
  • Any abnormalities that may affect the fit and comfort of the boot.

There are so many alterations that can be done to a boot's shell or liner that you can not just put your foot into a boot and say yey or ney.  Allow us to work our magic so you can compare which boot gives you the ultimate fit.