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We use the InstaPrint method and materials to create our professional multi sport footbeds.  After using several different methods, we found InsaPrint to offer the most in durability, quality, and flexibilty to truly customize each footbed to the atheletes specific needs.

Constructing the footbed is basically a four step process:

  • Analysis of the foot and athletic shoe/boot to be used.  This helps us to determine how to best customize the footbed for your specific needs. 
  • Taking the mold of the foot.  This process takes about 15 minutes, and naturally, we need you here for this step.
  • Construction and Interfacing the Footbed.  This step takes about 30 minutes, but you do not need to be present for this step, if you have better things to do.
  • Final Analysis.  At the end of the appointment, or at a separate appointment we need to check that everything lines up properly, and feels good.