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Canting is one of those things that is misunderstood.  Some boot companies refer to a canting device on the the cuff of their boots, but that is actually a cuff alignment tool.  Canting is the process of aligning the knee over the mid point of the foot.  This alignment is usually accomplished by wedging   the sole of the boot or placing wedges under the binding.  This wedging process is called canting.


We can check for your canting needs for only $40.


However, be forewarned that the first step to successful canting is always a well functioning custom footbed.  Just as the foundation of a  house is important to its stability, so is the foundation of the athelete. 


We can cant by grinding the boot sole or by mounting cants under the ski binding, if possible.  As part of the canting process, we will also do a cuff alignment if the boot allows for it to be done.